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There's a reason why you are browsing this page. You were looking for something—something to either help you or your sales team to stand out, to achieve something exceptional in performance.


The greatest part of it all is, your mindset is telling you that you want to be different—To stand out from the crowd.


While the market is flooded with great sales books with very effective sales approaches, not many focus on applying these into real sales scenarios in entirety. I REST MY CASE has 8 common sales scenarios, each striving to help readers relate their experience through a journey of

  • uncovering mistakes (both consciously or unconsciously)
  • realizing the possible solutions behind each of these mistakes
  • learning the real life situations to help the reader to add value and stand out from competitions.


The world of sales profession is highly competitive and is often arduous. But successful sales individuals bring home lucrative incentives.


You are standing at a crossroad—choosing between being part of a pack of norms or standing out from the crowd. Which path would you prefer to choose?



Paperback (Full Colored)

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